"Hydrotherapy has been a blessing for us"

"Shane runs up and down the stairs again, is happier, has much less pain and more strength."

"Her quality of life improved dramatically"

"I know for a fact that the quality of Bebe’s life was drastically improved by her time in the pool. There were many days when she would barely be able to walk into the facility and after thirty minutes in the pool she would emerge feeling great and running! Thank you so very, very much."

"She loves the water"

"Bailey has benefitted so much by swimming every week these past few months. It is so much fun to see her prancing around when I tell her we are going swimming."

"She's able to run again"

"Just a few short weeks ago I worried that Maud was nearing the end of her life. To see her chasing squirrels again brings tears of joy to my eyes…Thank you so much!"