Swimming is great, low-impact exercise. As your dog swims in warm water, good things happen. His muscles relax. Aching joints ache less. His body gets stronger and his circulation and respiration improve.

This happens because hydrotherapy is a wholesome workout that accelerates the natural healing process. It's why veterinarians agree hydrotherapy is one of the best treatments for canine arthritis, hip dysplasia, backaches and post surgical rehabilitation.

And if you think your dog needs to be a swimmer before starting hydrotherapy, the answer is a definitive "no." We'll teach him how.

Many of the dogs who swim with us haven’t swum before. That’s fine! Even if your dog’s main experience of water is his drinking bowl, he can still do hydrotherapy and benefit from it. We’ve been swimming dogs since 2002 and we’ve not yet met the dog that we couldn't teach to enjoy the water.

In addition, all dogs wear a flotation vest in the pool with a grip on the back. We can guide and support them every minute. And there is always a trained associate in the water with your dog. We use several gentle techniques to get him started swimming and swimming correctly from Day One. Most dogs end up loving it.