My dog has never been swimming before and he is not a water dog, how will you teach him to swim?

Many of the dogs that swim with us have never swum before.  They are guided to the lift platform wearing a Ruff Wear life vest so we can gently and safely help them enter the water.  Once they are in the water, we will guide them through their first lap.  We utilize several gentle techniques to ensure that they are swimming correctly.  We then guide them to the bench to rest in the water.  All dogs learn in their own time.  We have yet to have a dog we cannot teach to swim.

Can I get in the water with my dog?

Unfortunately, no.  We wear heavy duty wet suits to protect us from the dogs toe nails and we would not want to risk having you injured by your dog.

Can I bring my dog swimming if there is nothing physically wrong with him?

Yes, we have many swimmers who are either working dogs or water dogs who swim with us for conditioning and just for the fun of it.

Will swim therapy help my dog immediately?

If your dog has mild to moderate arthritis you will probably see results within the first two to three swim sessions.  If your dog has recently been diagnosed with hip dysplasia you will also see results quickly.  If your dog has recently (within the last several weeks) had joint surgery you will see improvements very quickly.

What conditions take the longest to see results?

Chronic injuries; the more time that has passed the longer it typically takes for recovery.  If your dog had a double acl repair three years ago and received no rehabilitation and has not walked with a normal gait and range of motion it will take much longer to see improvement.  The muscles that have not been properly used will have atrophied and the new gait will take longer to return to the proper gait.

Can I bring more than one dog to swim?

We have several clients who bring two dogs at one time.  Unless they are experienced swimmers we will need to teach them to swim separately.  Once they are both confident of the routine we will then be able to swim them together.

Do I need to bring towels?

No, your dog will be dried for you.  You may want to bring towels for your car because your dog will be damp.

What should I bring in the winter?

Either bring a coat or blanket to cover your dog from the cold.  We will blow as much water off of your dog as time permits, but they will still be damp.  Many owners go back to their cars while we are drying their dog and turn the heat on in their cars so their dog doesn't get chilled.

How warm is the water?

90 degrees in the Summer and 92 degrees the rest of the year.

Can I bring a camera or video camera to photograph my dog swimming?

Yes, we do not mind the use of camera equipment at our facility.

Can I drop my dog off for the swim sessions in the morning and pick him up in the evening?

No, we encourage owner participation and it can greatly improve your dog's learning curve while learning how to swim.  We do not board dogs at our facility.