first visit

When your dog comes to see us, we recommend three consecutive days of swim therapy the first week. After that, we suggest dogs come for three more weeks, two days each week. Then we highly recommend visiting your veterinarian for a reevaluation.

Dogs can keep returning, if they like. Some health conditions really benefit from more intensive hydrotherapy. Other dogs just love swimming! It’s entirely up to you, your dog and your veterinarian.

Don’t be surprised if you notice improvement right away. Swim therapy gets dogs using muscles that have been too sore or weak to exercise before. Clients report seeing significant progress as quickly as Day Three.

Suddenly, your dog may have more energy and want to go on walks. Go ahead. We find our results are generally safe and lasting.

We have two pools—a larger pool (16' x 24') for bigger breeds and a "puppy pool" (12' x 16') for small dogs. Both pools are 4' deep. We keep the water temperature a steady 90-92 degrees year-round. The pools are cleaned through an ionization and filtration system to prevent any harsh chemicals from irritating your dog’s skin or hair.

A hydraulic lift raises and lowers dogs into the water effortlessly. There are no slippery ramps or steps. And you can stay poolside, where you and your dog will see each other. (Sorry, but we can’t let you swim with your dog.)

Afterwards, we'll towel-dry your dog and even blow the water off his coat. (Bring a towel for your car seat, though, as he’ll still be damp.) Swim sessions are 30 minutes, by appointment only.