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We have been swimming dogs since 2002. That experience has enabled us to build a facility that is one of the finest in the country. Out facility features two permanent In-ground pools with hydraulic lift platforms - No stairs to climb or dangerous wet ramps to navigate in order to get in and out of the pool. Lift platforms are positioned out of the pool during the swim sessions. Concrete benches built right into the pools - provide a very safe and stable platform for dogs to rest in between their laps. The 16’ long bench also provides a place for dogs to walk while partially submerged in water for a treadmill like workout.

Our pool water is chemically free and perfectly balanced.  We use sophisticated copper ionization technology to kill bacteria in the water. By not using chlorine or other harsh pool chemicals, dogs do not develop skin or coat issues from swimming. Our high capacity commercially sized pool filters are cleaned weekly – Dogs generate a tremendous amount of organic material when swimming and this insures that the water is always clean and crystal clear.

The water is maintained at a constant 92 degrees and the water is 4 feet deep – Warm water helps to relax muscles and maximize the benefits of swimming. Cold water can cause muscles to tighten up.  The 4 feet deep water allows even the tallest dogs to swim while also allowing our associates to work safely and comfortably with your dog.

We maintain a very safe and controlled environment for your dog with only one dog in the water while learning to swim. Only two dogs (from the same family) in the pool at any given time – this controlled environment and the fact that each dog is accompanied by a trained associate during their swim provides personalized attention and a safe environment for your dog to swim and build confidence.  

Our facility features separate enclosed drying rooms with fresh towels and blow dryers – dogs are dried with minimal stress and completely separate from other dogs. By getting the dogs as dry as we can, it reduces the likelihood of hot spots. We also have separate comfortable carpeted waiting areas and carpeted hallways throughout the facility. This provides a very safe and dry surface for older dogs and non-ambulatory dogs to walk on or be assisted via a harness. To protect dog reactive dogs we have a separate secondary back entrance and side entrance to the pools – this provides a very positive and safe experience for even the most dog reactive dogs and their owners.  

We have life vests in every size and they can be perfectly fitted to your dog. This insures that your dog has the ideal range of motion in the water. The use of a vest also helps us to assist your dog in the water by gently guiding them. No pushing or forcible turning them. It also gives us a handle should they try to jump out of the pool… much better than grabbing their body. A properly fitted life vest is more comfortable and prevents rubbing or chafing.

We have convenient and consistent hours of operation with on-time appointments - we have a time that works for everyone. Monday through Friday 12 PM to 8 PM and Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM. We schedule swimmers every thirty minutes all day long and we run on time!  We understand how valuable your time is and we will not keep you and your pet waiting.

We swim dozens of dogs every week and have developed techniques to teach event the most reluctant dogs how to swim.  We love dogs and work patiently with them to ensure they have the most positive experience possible. Our highly trained staff with over 15 years of combined experience swimming almost every breed imaginable - We know how to get a dog to swim and be comfortable in the water by the end of their first swim and can ensure that you and your dogs first experience is as stress free as possible.

Hydrotherapy has been a blessing for us

"Shane runs up and down the stairs again, is happier, has much less pain and more strength."

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