case study: Maud

Name: Maud
Age: Estimated 10-plus years
Breed: Mixed
Issue: Age-related mobility issues.

Watch Maud's Video

As happens to many older dogs, Maud was noticeably slowing down. She’d stopped going upstairs to sleep with her family. Sometimes she tripped and fell down for no apparent reason. And then there was the obvious pain. She had trouble bearing weight on her back legs, and it clearly hurt on one side more than the other as was evidence by her limp. “We were despairing she might lose her ability to walk and her quality of life was diminishing,” Maud’s owner said.

Now a twice-weekly swimmer at Natural Healing, Maud began showing signs of improvement relatively quickly after her first few weeks – specifically, she had a new “spring in her step.” The first sign of marked progress happened on a walk as Maud and her owner strolled along. A squirrel dared to run across their path "and she was off running after it – in an old-lady way.” The maladies of age still exist, but Maud no longer limps as she did before, she shows no obvious signs of discomfort and has maintained a renewed spring in her step. “I’m convinced,” her owner said, “that it’s bought her more time.”